1. 1. The function of Gerund is: The meeting was planned for discussing and creating.. Adverbial modifier.
  2. Business before pleasure
  3. Appear means . . . . To start to exist or to start to be aviable for the first time.
  4. Gerund is used after: V+obj+preposition   //  Adjective+preposition.
  5. “Used to do” is . . . used to talk about habits in the past./ not a modal verb
  6. We spoke . . . our life. E) about
  7. Most teenagers find new technology very . . . exciting.
  8. This is a nopportunity that comes once in a lifetime. We . . . let it pass.              mustn’t
  9. Prepositions used both by the infinitive and gerund.       For
  10. Choose the verb which is followed only by Infinitive.      wait
  11. Both Infinitive and Gerund. Goon
  12. My brother stopped reading and fell a sleep. gerund
  13. Ann enjoyslistening to music.           gerund
  14. If we received documents tomorrow, we should start loading goods. 2nd Conditional
  15. Choose the antonyms. cheerful – gloomy.
  16. Stratford is a place . . . Shakespeare was born. where
  17. Choose the phrasal verb with the meaning “To save money for the future”. To put aside.
  18. The verb which is made with prefix. .reconstruct
  19. You have deprived me . . . this pleasure. Of
  20. Choose the correct varian to Reported Speech. Do you know where Kate is living? Ann asked me if I knew where Kate was living.
  21. Choose the correct preposition. I replied . . . his letter yesterday.  to.
  22. Complete the sentence with the 1st Conditional. If it . . . , we . . . at home. rains/will stay.
  23. Find the correct fraction: 4/9. Four ninths.
  24. Match the number with its writing: 9/13.    nine over thirteen.
  25. 1 2/3 – oneand two thirds.
  26. Cardinal numbers: two, seven, eight.
  27. Choose the ordinal number. thousand and first.
  28. Grammatical category of noun “paper” is. . . Uncountable noun.
  29. Choose the verb which is followed only by Infinitive. . agree.
  30. Choose the correct item. The suspect . . . that he had been to the bank that day.denied.
  31. Choose the correct varian to Reported Speech. “Don’t make so much noise” the man said to Pete. The man asked Pete not to make so much noise.
  32. Choose the form of second conditional – FORMULA
  33. Find the second conditionals. pastsimple, would+infinitive.  orpastsimple, should +infinitive
  34. This wireless set is better than __ one. that.
  35. The equivalent to “someone whose job is to report the news for a newspaper, magazine, radio or TV Programme” is –   publicist
  36. Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb. Toddlers . . . outdoors when the weather . . . . will play/allows.
  37. Correct opinion of collective noun – pack of wolves.
  38. Correct opinion of collective noun. a gang of criminals.
  39. Correct noun: humidity, beauty.
  40. Complete the sentence with the words: not/beautiful/house. It’s . . . I’d imagined.                 not as beautiful house as.not such abeautiful house as.
  41. Doctor said that the boy opens his mouth . . .    widely.
  42. Choose the right preposition: to insist _ on.
  43. The correct indirect speech sentence is: The teacher asked, “Are you ready for the lesson?”

The teacher asked the students if they were ready for the lesson.

The teacher asked if they were ready for the lesson.

  1. Find verb for ming suffix. en.
  2. Canada is washed bу _ ____ осеаns.      Pacific,  Arcticаnd Atlantic
  3. How . . . milk in the bottle? much.
  4. The correct sentence with Complex Object: She is expected to be on time.
  5. Make up compound word: OVER –  crowded.
  6. LUGGAGE – uncountable noun.
  7. Sentence with possessive pronouns. They are not mine.   /   it’s your dog.  /    Those are our relatives.  /   These are my books.
  8. He run . . . the other side of the hill. down.
  9. Black cats are known . . . misfortune – to bring.
  10. The girl ________ door  works for a foreign company.                living  next
  11. Noun DISPOSE –       DISPOSAL.
  12. Global warming . . . by humans. was caused.
  13. 5 round  small blue disks.
  14. A bird maybe known by its — song.
  15. Catch up with means – to work hard to do uncompleted work.
  16. Equivalent to “ask for smth you have a right to” – CLAIM.
  17. Prefix is: — irregular.
  18. Maria ____ the window because it was stuffy – opened.
  19. John bought Maria a pair of…. gloves? – black leather.
  20. The prices of the goods are state. — Below.
  21. The sentence with Subjunctive.                   I wish I were ready to change my life.
  22. John said he was feeling ill.  I was feeling pretty bad.                      myself.
  23. We have taken___ dictionaries, has she taken____ our/ hers?
  24. Interrogative sentence. With whom did you come yesterday?
  25. Participle 1. Looking — straight into my eyes, our secretary may tell awful lies.
  26. Participle 1. Smiling —  face is always beautiful.
  27. 3rd type syllabus: start,  work ,her.
  28. You must try and get to the lesson . . . earlier.
  29. Order of adjectives. They saw a                gigantic round silver space ship.
  30. Verb only used by infinitive AGREE.
  31. Complex object: My last employer made me agree — on such conditions.
  32. Future form of MUST –           WILL HAVE TO.
  33. Participle 2. A broken — cup maybe hardly repaired.
  34. The Internet had  changed —    our lives by the early 2000s.
  35. When we returned — to the office our colleagues was typing a business letter.
  36. A man pointedat — the huge wave and everyone started screaming.
  37. Verb only used as Gerund – resist.
  38. The — United States found KZ as a reliable partner in -. . . Central Asia.         (The/a / -…)
  39. The hotel is located near the rink. (The/the).
  40. We didn’t expect   him to answer —   our questions.
  41. The French were the first settler to this country. (The/the).
  42. She lives in London. She owns a house onThames river. (in/on).
  43. Correct answers :We are considering getting engaged
  44. Correct sentence. Try not to for get her birthday.
  45. In this sentence Gerund is: Driving is pleasant           subject
  46. The adjective “stale”: bread.
  47. It was nice of you to come.
  48. He ran down the other side of the hill.
  49. There are planes— taking off —  or landing every few minutes.
  50. Next year our manager will  find     a way tobe —   effective.
  51. Adjective order: old—   fashioned  hand  made  doll —
  52. I dislike the idea of   spending —  my holiday at home.
  53. Paraphrase:    The boy was taken from his parents at an early age.
  54. Being taken from his parents at an early age the boy had a very difficult life.
  55. Find the word with the suffix meaning an acting person. Writer
  56. Suitable form soft he verbs: If you… the job, you … more freedom. got /’d not have.
  57. William Shakespeare ____in this house when he was a child. Had lived

Text. The Tower of London is one of the most imposing and popular of London’s historical sites. It comprises not one, but 20 towers.

  1. According to the text people were beheaded in the Tower of London.     3
  2. The ravens in the Tower would not fly away only because….        their wings are clipped.
  3. Bloody tower is the place where:   King Edward ‘s  two sons were murdered.
  4. lf you go to the Tower of London you can visit home of … the Crown Jewels
  5. »Fate» means the things that … . happen to someone.

Text.William I, The Conqueror, was born in 1027 in France. He crossed the English Channel with an army 12,000 men in 1066 and won the battle of Hastings. On Christmas day 1066 he was crowned King in Westminster Abbey.


  1. What is Domes day Book?: —  the book with accurate figures.
  2. Who is Elizabeth II?: —  the mother of the Prince of Wales.
  3. Who is the next after Elizabeth I?:— Prince Charles.
  4. Why is the Westminster Abbey famous for?: —  because of the royal ceremonies in there.
  5. Why is William I, The Conqueror the Hero of Britain?:— because he has won the last battle in the British history.
  6. Furniture – uncountable noun.
  7. GERUND: post phone.
  8. Canada is ___ bilingual country and is considered .__ world leader in ___ language training. a/the/-
  9. She ___ that she had been feeling. explained
  10. My colleagues suggest . . . our work to a flash drive. saving.
  11. A giraffe is considered . . . the highest blood pressure of any animals. to have.
  12. Modal verb. You___ not to light three cigarettes with the same match.ought.
  13. GERUND. understanding.
  14. Possessive pronouns. A) hers  B) ours  C) mine   H) his
  15. 3rd syllabus:  fur / turn
  16. Verb and noun with the same meaning. help
  17. Complex subject: Some people appear . . . very easily.            tobe offended
  18. Choose the cardinal numbers. five hundred.
  19. Choose the cardinal numbers. . thirteen. / three hundred and seventy five.
  20. Medical is matched with . . . treatment.
  21. England is predominantly (a) low land country with (the) Pennie Chain, (the) Cumbrian mountain sand (the) Yorkshire moorlands in (the)north.                  А/the/the/the/the
  22. The parties couldn’t agree . . . the terms of the contract. for
  23. He spoke . . . the international situation. on
  24. ABSTRACT NOUN: intelligence. /  kindness./  art./   history
  25. Find equivalent to “chemical changes in a food when sugar in it produces alcohol” – ferment.
  26. Choose the preposition which is followed by Gerund. after
  27. The new James Bond film is — entertaining.
  28. How . . . sheets of paper do you want?             – many.
  29. Nobody phoned. Nobody phoned, did they?
  30. Choose the phrasal verb meaning “switch on”. to switch on (turn on).
  31. Winter . . . new hopes by the end of the year. Will have brought
  32. Swimming is good for you. . subject.
  33. Correct form of the verb. We . . .solve a problem since June. . have been trying
  34. Choose correct sentence of Reported speech.      John suggested that we could go for a swim
  35. Choose the correct pronoun. If you find . . . money on the floor, it is mine. I dropped . . . this morning.              Any/some
  36. Sam (buy) newtyres so that his car (pass) the safety inspection     bought/had  passed
  37. “I promise I will write to you as soon as I arrived, Jane” said Nick.

Nick promised Jane that he . . . to her as soon as he . . .       would write/arrived

  1. She . . . that she had been feeling unwell. explained  .
  2. Choose the correct sentence of Reported Speech. Jenny said that she was reading an interesting book
  3. Fill in the gaps with correct variant of Reported Speech “I will come tomorrow and finish the work” the plumber said to grandma

The plumber promised grandma that he . . . the next day and . . . the work.                  .Would come/finish

  1. Complete sentence with Participle 2.

___ messages are kept in a mailbox. 30 days before they get deleted from the database        .received

  1. Verbs followed by an – ing form. can’t stand  /can’t face  / can’t help  / can’t resist
  2. Choose the correct sentence             It was nice of you to come
  3. Many arguments . . . by misunderstanding      Were caused  /  Are caused
  4. Choose a general word for the following group a building
  5. Her granny has got a nice small old round brown French wooden box.
  6. Choose the correct preposition: That organization is engaged … the sale of timber. for
  7. Find the Passive Form of the verb. is eaten
  8. Modal verb followed by «to» ought
  9. Choose the correct preposition. He included these figures__ his report. in
  10. Gerund is use dafter: verb + object + preposition  /adjectives and  preposition
  11. Choose the correct variant of Reported Speech. Do you know where Kate is living? Ann asked me if I knew where Kate was living
  12. Find the correct fraction: 4/9.     Four  ninths
  13. Match the number with its writing: 9/13. nine over thirteen
  14. 1 2/3 – one and two thirds
  15. Cardinal numberstwo, seven, eight.
  16. Choose the ordinal number. thousand and first 
  17. A bird maybe known by its … song


  1. Catch up with means: to work hard to do uncompleted work


  1. There a planes taking off or landing every few minutes


  1. Equivalent to ask for something you have a right to claim


  1. Third Conditional if+Past Perfect, would have+Past Participle
  2. Complex subject: Our colleague seems to be preparing for a job interview now.
  3. ‘used to Vo’ is:not a modal verb,/  used to talk about habits in the past
  4. There a planes taking off or landing every few minutes
  5. Complex Subject: Black cats are known to bring misfortune
  6. When we returned to the office, our colleague was typing a business letter173.

Text     MacDonald

  1. If Macdonald’s company opens a new restaurant every 8 hours how many restaurant are opened in 32 hours? 4 restourants
  2. Why Mcdonald’s has not any waiter? People began to serve themselves

175.Why a new drink named Coca Cola?      A new drink named due to two of the ingredients coca leaf and coca nut

  1. Conditional 0: If +present simple(past simple)+ present simple (past simple)

177.Conditional 1:     If +present simple (continuous/perfect) + future simple (continuous/perfect)

  1. Fill in the correct preposition. He walked ­___the hills Up
  2. Canada is washed by Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic

180.Chemical ferment sugar

  1. Appear means: to prepare smth. To improve the condition

182.Used to do is:      used to talk about habits in the past

Text   Phobia

  1. Fill in the first missing sentence in paragraph 1. What is the difference between a fear and a phobia ?
  2. People ___ are phobias. between 10 and 80
  3. R. Grint and J.K. Rowling are afraid of   Spiders
  4. Fill in the first missing sentence in paragraph 3. There are some people whose phobias are more unusual
  5. Famous actors animals fear are cats and butterflies
  6. ___ of her students went on to become teachersLots
  7. We ___ taken a taxi when it rained. should have
  8. Choose sentence with correct question tags. Know he was a criminal , did you?   /   You know  that men don`t you ?                                         

       You didn`t  We`ve met before, haven`t we ?    /       Mike hasn`t been to Rome before,  has he ?

  1. Find wrong sentence from the list. He play the guitar…./   Everyone says……/    She speaks French fluent
  2. Find sentence with Absolute Participial construction.     The letter having been written, he went out to post it.   /    An election leaving the surface, the metal becomes positively charged. /         The fuel exhausted, the engine stopped.
  3. Reported Speech. «I love ice cream»,  said Altai.            Altai said that he loved ice cream.      /      He said that he loved ice cream
  4. Choose the sentence with Gerund They are interested in learning foreign language    or    I `m interested in learning foreign language ????
  5. The function of Gerund is: The meeting was planned for discussing and creating. Adverbial modifier
  6. 196. We were surprised ____ her behavior for
  7. Choose a suitable phrasel verb. If person ___ a story, heereates it. Makes up
  8. A compound word. House hold



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