Difficulties of special children

The school period is especially important for autistic children and their loved ones. Admission to school is often preceded by years of efforts by the family and specialists to return the child to a normal course of life. Of course, at the beginning of correctional work and later, children with autism need individual classes, then training in small groups of children with similar problems. However, if there is even the slightest opportunity, they need to be transferred to conditions that allow them to follow normal patterns of behavior and communicate with children whose emotional reactions and communication skills stimulate the establishment of contacts and the development of interaction.

Experience shows that an autistic child needs constant stimulation to transition to a more complex relationship with the world and with people. It cannot be organized artificially, it is only possible to achieve the adaptation of the child in a normal environment, which naturally forces children to «gather» and solve new life tasks. Thus, entering the rather difficult social conditions of the school, among ordinary children, is a great victory for such a child and opening up new development opportunities for him. School gives him not only knowledge and skills, but, above all, a chance to learn how to live together with other people. Therefore, it is extremely important for such children to stay in school, and not stay in the usual home conditions, switching to individual training. It is almost impossible to do this without having «your own person» at school — an advocate, an advocate who professionally understands the problem and explains it to other specialists.

Autism is not directly related to the intellectual abilities of a child, and can complicate the lives of both children with developmental delays and the most brilliant and gifted students. Experience shows that all children, even the smartest, in order not just to stay in school, but to gain knowledge and skills that they can then use in adult life, need not only intercession and patience, but also directed psychological help. It is realized in the thoughtful organization of their school life; in the support of the teacher; in individual work that stimulates the social, emotional and personal development of children; in supporting their families and coordinating the interaction of parents with specialists; in helping fellow students to understand and accept their special classmate.

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