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Unit 4 Buildings School: 274
Date: 13.03.2019 Teacher name: Zharylkapova A
Class: 5 A Number present: Absent:
Lesson title City
Learning objectives(s)  that this lesson is contributing to use prepositions of location and position:  at, behind, between, in, in front of, near, next to, on, under, above to describe where people and things are, use prepositions of time: on, in, at to talk about days and times and no preposition last week  spell a growing number of familiar high-frequency words accurately during guided writing activities;

Lesson objectives All learners will be able to get information about the use of prepositions of place next to, behind, in front of and opposite, answer the Yes\No questions, say the locations of buildings in the town

Most learners will be able to use prepositions of place next to, behind, in front of, behind and opposite with some support and answer the Yes\No questions

Some learners will be able to make sentences by using  prepositions of place next to, behind, in front of , opposite  and say the locations of different buildings in the city without support

Level of thinking skills Higher order thinking skills
Assessment criteria Uses prepositions of place correctly, answers the Yes|No questions, makes up sentences, says the locations of different buildings in the city
Value links National unity, peace and harmony in our society
Cross-curricular links Kazakh, Russian
Previous learning Already know the names of different buildings in the city

3 class Prepositions of place

Planned timings Planned activities Resources

3  min










8 min









7 min


Org. moment: Greeting learners

-Good morning, dear pupils!  How are you? Is everything OK?

Dividing pupils into groups. (Asking pupils questions on different theme, “What is your favourite sport?

What subject do you like?

What cartoon do you like?

When is your birthday? and etc. For every answer a pupil is given a candy. Candies are of two colors

Method “ Quick questions”

FA Praise.

Checking up home task

Homework : Retelling the text “ My dream”

Descriptor. The most able students retell the text

The less able students answer the questions about the text

Method “ Question-answer” and Microphone

FA Giving a star

 New lesson

Asking some questions to find out the theme of the lesson

Pupils give their ideas. Any idea is accepted

FA. Praise

Method “Brainstorming”

Introducing the  theme and objectives of the lesson

 Explaining the use of prepositions of place next to, behind, between, opposite, in front of

Giving translations of these prepositions and ask  pupils to repeat the words  several time

Method “ Repetition”

Formative Assessment. Praise






















Maquettes of buildings in the city



7 min







2 min





5 min
























3 min

Doing exercises

1 task

Group work. “Build your own city”

Method “Group discussion”

Descriptor. Pupils

—          Build a new city

—          Describe the locations of buildings in the city

FA Giving a star

Groups assess each other’s work by smiles

Warm up

FA Praise


Individual work

2 tasks are given. Pupils choose what task to do

1 task . Pupils fill in the sentences with appropriate prepositions of place


A learner

-fills in the sentence with appropriate prepositions of place


FA giving a star


2 task . Pupils answer Yes\No questions looking at the picture


reads sentences

-answers the questions

FA giving a star 



A poster, pictures of buildings in the city, a glue





















5 min

Home task

To make up 5 sentences using prepositions of place






Choosing a star of the day by counting the stars pupils have taken



Pupils write their feedback on the paper and stick it to the vase.


Additional information
Differentiation-how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners? Assessment -how are you planning to check learner’s learning? Health and safety check
The most able students  retell the text, fill in the sentences with appropriate prepositions of place

The less able students just answer the questions and writes YES or NO

Question and answer (target and random). Evaluation of the response of a classmate. Keep teacher talking time to a minimum The class is organized for group work.

Ability to work in a group (mutual respect).

Answer questions and actively listen to others in the class discussion.


Were the lesson objectives /learning objectives realistic?

What did the learner learn today?

What was the learning atmosphere like?


Did my planned differentiation work well?

Use the space below to reflect on your lesson. Answer the most relevant questions from the box on the left about your lesson.
















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