«Going to Britain»

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«Going to Britain»


The theme of the lesson: Going to Britain
Plan of the lesson:
I. Organization moment

II. Checking the home task.

III. New lesson. New words.
IV. Work with the text.
V.  Work with the tables.
VI. Tasks the groups
VII. Conclusion
I. Organization moment.
a) Greeting

b) Psychological training

II. Checking up the home task.

Vocabulary work


III. New lesson. (Reading the text  “Going to Britain”)

Work with the text using the method of  “ 6 hats ”


Preparing creative works (Pupils will protect the posters)


1 White hat – facts about GB
2 Green hat — new idea about GB
3 Red hat — emotion
4 Black hat — negative
5 Yellow hat – positive, good feeling
6 Blue hat — conclusion














IV. Work with the text using the method of  “ Dialogue ”

Answer the questions

— What money can you use in Britain?

—  I can use a pound  in Britain.

— Where can you stay when you are in Britain?

—  I can stay at youth hostels.

—  How can you get around in Britain?

—  I can get around in Britain by dauble- decker buses.

—  Where can you get a cheap meal in Britain?

—  I can get a cheap meal in Britain


V. Work with the “Cinquaine – critical thinking ’’

1. sights

2. attractive,beautiful                 — London is the capital of…

3. to go,to visit,to see                 — Belfast is the capital of…

4.sights are very enjoyable        — The Scottish capital is…

5. wonderful places                    — Cardiff is the capital of…


VII. Match the new words


mountain  арал mountain   — тау  
beach        саяхат beach         — жағажай  
іsland        шекара island         — арал  
travel         орналасу travel          — саяхат  
to visit       жағажай to visit        — бару  
border       тау border        —   шекара  
building    бару building     — ғимарат  
situated     тәуелсіз situated      — орналасу  



VIII. Evaluation of pupils using  “Self assessment ”


IX.  Conclusion.










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